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The blurb

Good Book Club is a book subscription that makes it easier for you to read women, gender non-conforming, and queer authors the big mainstream publishers tend to ignore.

  • Photo of three books. Person holding two books.
  • Photo of three books. Person holding two books.
  • Photo of three books. Person holding two books.
Photo of three books. Person holding two books.

The preface

Since 2021, we’ve been helping bookish folk revolutionise their reading. We were born out of an indie bookshop, because taking over one Bristol high-street wasn’t wide-reaching enough. We wanted to bring feminist-forward indies to anyone who wants to read them but doesn’t know where to look. Now we invite you to reject the algorithm and take your recommendations from us: the readers obsessed with discovering lesser-known gems and amplifying underrepresented voices. Who are we? Glad you asked…

The readers




I’m Cat, founder of Good Book Club. As a lifelong reader, I noticed that I was often picking up the same sorts of stories. Whether I borrowed from the library or browsed indie bookshops, I always fell into the same patterns, seeking out the latest Murikami novel, or exploring the back catalogues of Norah Ephron. On one weekend book browsing trip I picked up a copy of Tokyo Ueno Station by Yu Miri. I noticed the stylised cover was similar to others on the shelf, and, my interest piqued, I discovered Tilted Axis Press. This was the start of my journey into independent publishers, which opened up a whole new world of reading. With Good Book Club, I wanted to bring my discoveries to more readers.

Photo of Tim



I’m Tim, co-owner of Good Book Club. Not so long ago, I read exclusively non-fiction. For me, reading was something that was enjoyable, but served a concrete purpose: gathering information. That was until I read Mary Ann Sieghart’s The Authority Gap. I learned that only a small proportion of men read women authors – and even then, they always read the same male-approved writers, and can be reluctant to rate them highly or recommend them. It got me thinking – why don’t I read fiction, by women? And decided to fix it. I’ve been on a mission to turn my reading around ever since, and have been reading almost exclusively fiction by female authors of all backgrounds. With Good Book Club, I hope we can introduce more men to the amazing variety of women writers out there. After all, we’re all in the fight to dismantle the patriarchy together.

Photo of Libby


Social media manager

I’ve always been a reader. Ever since I was a child reading has been a passion, but it wasn’t until 2019 when a colleague put Circe by Madeleine Miller in my hands that things changed dramatically. At first I read the book out of a sense of duty. But then I found myself desperate to read more about Greek mythology and feminism and queer lives and African literature and translated literature, and before I knew it I was finishing books within a day or two. My interests have developed over the last five years and now I love nothing more than to read women in translation by indie publishers and nonfiction books about intersectional feminism.

Publishing has a diversity problem

We can’t fix the system, but we can help amplify marginalised voices. That’s why we’re inviting you to reject the algorithm and take recommendations from us – the readers obsessed with discovering lesser-known and under-represented voices.

  • 85%

    In 2019, 85% of the people who acquired books for publishers were White.

  • 36%

    36% of translations to English are from non-European countries

  • 31%

    Less than 31% of books translated into English are by women

  • 95%

    Between 1950 and 2018, 95% of American fiction books published were written by white authors.

The manifesto

We’re proud feminists, but fighting oppression doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Our books are selected to celebrate marginalised voices from all walks of life, and to reflect the reality of what it means to be a feminist in 2024.

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    We are fiercely independent.

    Embracing independence, we reject the algorithm, opting for authentic decision-making.

  • Icon representing all genders and backgrounds

    All genders and backgrounds.

    Our books celebrate marginalised voices from all walks of life.

  • Icon representing feminist and diverse reads only

    Feminist and diverse reads only.

    Our feminism is radically inclusive and intersectional.

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    Indie publishers only.

    For us, reading is an adventure—an exploration of new perspectives and a dive into the depths of curiosity.