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We’re indie obsessed

Image of reading a book

What even are indie publishers?

Independent publishers are not part of the ‘big five’ publishers – you know who they are. Indies have their own specialisms, meaning they’re a wonderful option if you want to lean into a niche, or read more widely than the mainstream. For example, Tilted Axis Press specialise in radical Asian literature. Héloïse Press are all about contemporary female narritive. And Lolli focus on fiction that plays with form. Those are just three of the indies we love – there are SO many more. 

Why do we love them so much?

For us, reading is an adventure – a way to learn about new perspectives and gaze into the depths of our curiosity. Because indies have such stand-out characteristics, we often find they publish more interesting reads. No shade to mainstream publishers – they’re great too – but you don’t need us to help you find the latest Penguin hardback. 

How can I start reading more indies?

If you’re lucky enough to have an independent bookshop on your doorstep, chat to your bookseller and seek recommendations for the most interesting, diverse reads being published right now. Otherwise, signing up to Good Book Club is a great place to start reading more widely.