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  • All this Here, Now

Lolli Editions

All this Here, Now

by Anna Stern.

Translated from German by Damion Searls.

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  • Paperback published on 30/05/2024
  • Page count: 240 pages
  • ISBN: 9781915267191
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Ananke's death rips a huge hole in the lives of their friends. A member of the group reflects on their shared mourning, remembering times past: childhood holidays and idyllic summers, as well as tensions and arguments. Ananke is a constant, enigmatic presence, yet remains mysterious and out of reach.

When the numbness of trauma becomes too much to bear, the group impulsively takes a road trip to dig up Ananke's ashes and bring them back to the sea by the hut where Ananke used to live. Stern's contemplative, ethereal yet vivid prose brings heightened sensibility to the present moment and the obliquity of memory. Flouting gender pronouns and written entirely in minuscule, all this here, now is a vision of a more collectively grounded fiction where 'we' is stronger than 'I'.

The effect is as meditative as it is compulsively engaging, delivered in Damion Searls' distinctive translation.

About the author

ANNA STERN (b. 1990) works and lives in Zurich. The author of six books, Stern is the recipient of the 3sat Prize at the Ingeborg Bachmann competition in Klagenfurt and the St. Gallen Cultural Foundation award for most promising writer. Her literary work has been honoured by the City of Zurich and the Conrad Ferdinand Meyer Foundation. In 2020, Stern was awarded the Swiss Book Prize for all this here, now., which also won the 2023 Prisma Prize for LGBTQI+ Literature.

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