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Days & Days & Days with Tone Schunnesson

Days & Days & Days with Tone Schunnesson
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  • Location The Good Book Shop
    264 Church Road
    St. George
    BS5 8AF
  • Date and time Ended on Thursday 26 October, 2023

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Meet the new voice of Dirty Realism.

Bibbs is just about to turn thirty-nine. She has been a reality show star but the good life is beginning to slip through her fingers and there seems to be a never-ending flow of unexpected expenditures.

Her boyfriend, Baby, has always provided stability and when he dumps her out of the blue, she is also faced with an ultimatum: if she wants to keep the flat she must pay 100 000 Krona within a week. She no longer has access to that kind of money and Bibbs is forced to make extreme decisions.

Days & Days & Days is a pitch-perfect study of success and destruction, dependence and betrayal, celebrity and anonimity.