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Julian with Fleur Pierets

Julian with Fleur Pierets
Pattern for Book Club
  • Location The Good Book Shop
    264 Church Road
    St. George
    BS5 8AF
  • Date and time Ended on Tuesday 31 October, 2023

This event has ended

Fleur and Julian wanted to get married in all the countries where same-sex marriage was legal. Julian died after their fourth wedding…

What started as a beautiful act of LGBTQ+ protest art quickly turned to tragedy when Belgian artist and activist Fleur Pierets suddenly and unexpectedly lost her wife Julian to brain cancer.

With a nod to literary forebears such as Joan Didion, readers are hailing Julian a ‘LGBTQ+ version of The Year of Magical Thinking.’

Julian is an uplifting recounting of two women in love – from the exciting, early days of their relationship to its untimely ending. Fleur’s late wife Julian can be felt on every page, reminding us that no one ever really dies; it is memory which keeps us all alive.

Fleur Pierets will join us for a Q&A, which will be chaired by Dr Finn Mackay, sociologist and radical trans feminist campaigner.