We're delighted to unveil May's captivating book subscription selection: This House by Sian Northey, beautifully translated by Susan Walton.

This House by Sian Northey  tr. Susan Walton

In This House, readers are transported to rural Wales, where a middle-aged woman finds solace in her cherished home. However, her tranquility is disrupted when a young man unexpectedly arrives, expressing interest in purchasing the house. Determined to maintain her lifestyle, she faces unexpected challenges that unravel her understanding of family, place, and personal history.

Northey's writing is marked by its exquisite precision, offering readers a vivid portrayal of life's complexities, from the intricacies of friendships and family ties to the inevitable losses we encounter along the way. Despite the turmoil, a palpable warmth infuses the narrative, accompanied by a tantalizing hint of mystery that keeps readers engaged until the very end.

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